IFAS Assessment of the Status of Non-Native Plants in Florida's Natural Areas

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Status Assessment – The complete Status Assessment document which includes the purpose, assessment criteria, scoring methods, definitions, and links to resources needed to complete a status assessment.

Infraspecific Taxon ProtocolWhen an infraspecific taxon (e.g., cultivar, variety, or sub-species) cannot be clearly distinguished from the species in the field but is considered likely to have a different invasive status, it can be proposed for evaluation independently of the species using the Infraspecific Taxon Protocol. For example, a sterile cultivar of an invasive species that only escapes from cultivation by the movement of seeds may be determined by this protocol to be suitable for recommendation of use even though the species is not.

The Predictive ToolFor species that have not escaped into Florida’s natural areas but which are either recent arrivals to the state or are known to cause problems in areas with similar habitats and climate to Florida the Status Assessment directs the use of a predictive tool. After rigorous testing in Florida, the Australian Weed Risk Assessment system (WRA) has been adapted for use in Florida to complete the assessment of such species.

Conclusions Page – A summary of the different formats in which the Conclusions Tables can be downloaded, and an explanation of how each format can be used.

Results Table – A data set that summarizes the results (including scores and evidence used) of assessed non-native species.

Assessment Zones – A list of the Florida counties included in each of the IFAS Assessment zones.

Instructions for Use – Summarized instructions that explain when and how to use the Results and Conclusions of the IFAS Assessment.

Citation Examples – Examples of how to cite Conclusions and Results from the IFAS Assessment.

Invasive Plants Working Group – A list of the IFAS Invasive Plants Working Group members with their email addresses.

IFAS Assessment Staff – A list of the current and former IFAS Assessment staff.

Relevant Links – A list of web sites related to prohibited and non-native plants, as well as links related to the IFAS Assessment.

We Need Your Help! – A document that explains how to recognize when the assessment for a species listed in the Results Table is incomplete, and for which we need additional experts’ observations to complete. If you have expertise in any of the zones for which we have incomplete species, and you have observed that species in a natural area in that zone, please contact us!

Contact Us – A page with the mailing address, phone number, and email address for contacting the IFAS Assessment staff.

Email: dmlieurance@ufl.edu

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