CAIP Visits Cedar Key School

March 22, 2006: CAIP staffers Amy Richard and Beth DeGroat recently joined with volunteers from the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce, Garden Club, and Brazilian Pepper Busters to pay a visit to fourth and fifth grade students at Cedar Key School. Amy Richard (aka Amelia exotica) gave a PowerPoint™ lesson about the benefits of native aquatic plants and impacts of invasive non-native plants in Florida. The presentation was followed by a lively discussion with students who were eager to share their own plant stories and knowledge.

After the lesson, students made nature prints using native and non-native plant samples; using acrylic paints, they brushed their favorite colors onto leaves and then pressed them onto drawing paper. Their creative juices were flowing as paints were mixed to create a myriad of shapes, colors and patterns on paper.

Thirty of these prints were displayed at the Old Florida Celebration of the Arts, April 8-9 in Cedar Key.

Special thanks to Melissa Jackson with the Chamber of Commerce and Mary Stone with the Cedar Key Garden Club, and to school faculty for helping to make this event possible.

enthusiastic children answer questions regarding invasive plants Amelia Exotica is given a warm welcome by the students children sharing & reading Florida Factoid Leaves provided by the Center children familiarizing themselves with plants that might be found in their yards
students choosing plant samples for their art projectmore students choosing plant samples for their art project students painting leaves and pressing them on to drawing paper an excited student looking at her work
another student pressing his painted plant a student sees the results of her plant pressingthe artists' palatte Brendon shows the plants he has chosen
another student handles a palmetto frond almost as big as he is! the students artwork will be presented at the Cedar Key Arts Festival





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