Module 3: Why Manage Invasive Plants?

Module Guide

Grade Level: Upper elementary (UE) / Middle school (MS) / High school (HS)

Science Big Ideas:
  • The Practice of Science
  • Science and Society
  • Earth Structures
  • Interdependence
Reading/Language Arts Strands/Standards:
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Literary Analysis – Non-Fiction
  • Publishing
  • Informative Writing
  • Communication – Listening and Speaking
  • Information Literacy – Technology
Social Studies Strands:
  • American History
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Civics and Government


Module 3 begins with a 20 minute audio-visual presentation featuring cartoon narrator, Otto P. Stump-jumper—a plant management specialist (See Why Manage Invasive Plants AV Presentation). Building on lessons learned in Modules 1 and 2, this presentation covers concepts related to the Big Ideas of Interdependence, Practice of Science, and Science and Society, to name a few.

Guiding Questions, keywords and definitions are provided for the main presentation. Additional videos (Florida’s Aquatic Plant Story), reading and writing activities, concept maps and lab activities further reinforce vocabulary and big idea concepts. For example, the lab activity, Effects of Agasicles hygrophila on Alligator Weed Growth, provides students a chance to see biological control methods in action; the Seek and Destroy – Invasive Plant Lab Activity links technology and invasive plant management; the Weed Alert Activity allow students to creatively demonstrate what they have learned.

See below for overview of available activities and also see Table of Contents for detailed listing—all of which are available online or by request.

Key Objectives

  • Identify the difference between non-native and invasive plants
  • Be able to discuss the necessity of plant management (Why do we need to “manage” invasive plants?)
  • Define “maintenance control” and “crisis management” and identify the difference between the two
  • Identify three main strategies needed for invasive plant management
  • Define “integrated plant management”
  • Identify four main methods used to control invasive plants.

Lessons and Activities (Summary)

Introductory Materials
Lessons and Activities
Lab Activities