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Florida's Aquatic Plant Story DVD

Florida's Aquatic Plant Story

Produced for general public audiences, this program describes the benefits of native aquatic plants; recounts problems caused by some exotic aquatic weeds; and introduces the major methods of aquatic plant management. 1990, 1996, 2006. 24 min.

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Careers DVD

Careers in Florida's Freshwater Environments

A fast-paced, musical video that introduces students to the many occupations needed to protect and preserve our lakes, rivers, and wetlands. 1995, 2005. 26 min.

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What Makes a Quality Lake? DVD

What Makes a Quality Lake?

Produced for secondary school students and general public audiences, this program explains the meaning of "lake eutrophication." Featuring limnologist Dr. Daniel Canfield, viewers learn about the natural and human factors that affect a lakes' biological productivity. Viewers also learn the differences between oligotrophic, mesotrophic, eutrophic and hypereutrophic lakes in terms of water clarity, algae, higher plants and fish. 1992, 2006. 24 min.

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