Florida Association of Science Teachers Conference
November 3-5, 2005

The Teachers' Workshop Team had the pleasure of introducing our new Florida Invasive Plant Education Initiative at the 2005 Florida Association of Science Teachers Conference held at the Doubletree Conference Center this past November.

Workshop Title: "The Good, the Rather Good, and the Really Ugly". Non-native invasive plants greatly affect our wild aquatic, wetland, and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as the native plants and animals that depend on them. This session was for teachers who wanted to know more about wild plants in Florida, with emphasis on ~200 invasive non-native species, their biology, ecology, identification, impacts, management options, prevention and reporting. Teachers who attended received (free) teacher-created curricula samples and colorful printed materials for use in the classroom.

After the workshop, teachers were taken on a chartered bus to the Orlando Wetlands Park, where we enjoyed an exciting afternoon touring the 1600-acre facility and learned how plants can be used to treat wastewater in an environmentally-friendly way. The bus ride alone on top of the levees was a real hit. . . . not to mention the wildlife!


An introduction to the new education website. Teachers taking notes as the Initiative is detailed. Teachers taking notes as the project is discussed. The science teachers are working on example lessons.
Studying plant identification cards. Mark Sees, of the Orlando Wetlands Park, showing a topography map of the property. Mark Sees discusses the ecology of emersed plants. Teachers examining native bulrushes.
Teacher Elaine Taylor discovers hard to see hydrilla flower. Keshav Setaram of Orange County shows a hydrilla tuber. Science teachers studying pondweed. A view of the water influent of the wetlands water cleaning system.
Native string lilies growing in the park. The teachers return to the bus for a drive-around tour. A view of the wetlands. From the bus, hundreds of alligators were spotted!
A group photo of all the workshop participants.


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