1st Annual PLANT CAMP (2007) Silent Invaders Summer Plant Workshop
June 10-14, 2007

The first annual Silent Invaders Summer Plant Workshop – a four day training session (June 10-14) was made possible by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection/Bureau of Invasive Plant Management and the University of Florida/IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants.

The goal of the workshop is to capture the attention and interest of a hand-selected group of teachers and inspire them to bring their newly gained knowledge about native and invasive plants back to the classroom. Participants spent four action packed days expanding their content knowledge and laboratory/field experience in the area of aquatic and upland plant biology and ecology. New investigative techniques and instructional methods for exploring and teaching about Florida's diverse plant communities were also a part of the experience. We can’t wait to see how these energetic folks integrate their experiences, information, and new hands-on teaching materials in the classroom.

Amy Richard - Coordinator
Lynda Dillon - Program Assistant

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