Download an overview of the Florida Invasive Plant Education Initiative (PowerPoint)

Curriculum Resources

Activity Booklet: Understanding Invasive Aquatic Plants – Florida Edition Brought to you by the Aquatic Plant Management Society

Download Answer Key and Higher Thinking Questions for the Activity Booklet

  • Activity Booklet Answer Key
  • Higher Thinking Questions | Answer Key

    Activity Booklet: Aquatic Plants – The Underwater Forests of Lakes and Rivers (PDF) An activity book with information about native and invasive aquatic plants with activities suitable for upper elementary

    Teacher Kits (available for loan)

    Lakeville Quick Start + Suggested Roles

    Freshwater Plant Habitat Guide | Checklist

    Text Resources

    Botany Handbook for Florida (PDF) Learn and understand scientific names of plants with clear illustrations and concise definitions

    Teaching Points (PDF) A four page flyer of about native and non-native plants, questions and answers made by and for teachers

    Flash Cards Invasive and Non-native Plants You Should Know

    Florida LAKEWATCH Information Circulars

    AQUAPHYTE Newsletter for advanced science students and/or teachers

    Biological Invasions: A Growing Threat An article from Issues in Science and Technology

    Extension Publications Covering a variety of invasive plants and their management

    Weed Alerts Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: Invasive Plant Management Section

    Invasive Aquatic Weeds: What every plant enthusiast needs to know (PDF) Published by the Indiana-Illinois Sea Grant – Hardcopy available for purchase here

    Video/Image Resources

    Illustrated Plant Structures (PDF) Covers leaf shapes, bases, margins, and more

    Botanical Line Drawings 176 native and invasive plants in Florida

    Plant ID Videos

    Plant Images Native and non-native plants in Florida and the U.S.

    Flash Cards Invasive and Non-native Plants You Should Know

    Lake Region Report and Poster A classification system created by grouping lakes based on similarities in physiography, geology, hydrology, soils, water chemistry, vegetation, etc. (PDF)

    Plant Murals

    Weed Alerts Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: Invasive Plant Management Section

    IFAS Bookstore

    Data Set Resources

    APIRS Database A free, bibliographic database with over 80,000 citations about aquatic, wetland and invasive plants

    FWC Annual Reports

    Florida LAKEWATCH Pamphlets

    Web Resources

    Florida Wildflowers: A Growers Cooperative

    National Science Teacher's Association, other free materials

    Protect Your Waters: Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers A website educating the public about the spread of harmful plants, animals and other organisms

    Solutions for Your Life Brings you current, science-based answers–free

    University of Florida Herbarium Focuses in plant collections, acquisition and care, research based on the collections, education and public service

    USF Plant Atlas

    USDA Plant Database

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