Earn Free Stuff: Fill Out a Five-Minute Survey

Dear Teacher,

This survey is designed to assess the needs of educators like yourself, who may benefit from curricula and information about Florida's native, non-native and invasive plant species.

Complete the survey and we'll send you a free mousepad and set of "web cards." Both can be used as handy "bookmarks" to our education and plant management web sites. Keep the mousepad for yourself and share the web cards with colleagues or students. (Note: Quantities of webcards are available for students to use as a resource for botanical science investigations.)

Also, be sure to check out other free resources we've made available on our website:


1. Which area best describes your profession?

2. How many students do you teach (total)?

3. How familiar are you with plant ecology and plant identification?

4. How familiar are you with the concepts of native plants, non-native plants and invasive plants?

5. Are you interested in receiving training about native/non-native and invasive plants in Florida?

6. What types of materials would you use in order to teach/learn/inform about native and invasive Florida plants? Check all that apply.

Print Material:

Electronic Material:

7. If receiving a stipend, would you attend a one-day or two-day training session?

8. Would you attend a workshop without a stipend?

9. If you would like to be added to our e-mail list serve and receive future emails regarding this education initiative, please enter your email address below:

10. Would like to be added to our e-mail list serve and receive future emails regarding this education initiative?

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13. Please enter your name and the mailing address you would like the mousepad mailed to.



Thank you for your assistance!


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