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General Resources (links)

Activity Booklet: Understanding Invasive Aquatic Weeds - brought to you by the Aquatic Plant Management Society

A Glossary of Flower Parts - (1.32 MB jpeg image)

A Glossary of Leaf Shapes - (1.6 MB jpeg image)

Aquatic Plant Problem? Contact your FWC Regional Biologist

APIRS Database - a free, bibliographic database with over 80,000 citations about aquatic, wetland and invasive plants.

AQUAPHYTE, a newsletter for advanced science students and/or teachers

Assorted Images of native and invasive plants in Florida and the U.S.

Biological Invasions: A Growing Threat - An article from Issues in Science and Technology

176 Botanical drawings of native and invasive plants in Florida

Extension publications about invasive plants and their management

Flash Cards: Invasive and Non-native Plants You Should Know

Florida Wildflowers: A Growers Cooperative

Glossary of plant terminology

National Science Teacher's Association, other free materials

Native Plant Resources for Florida

Online Articles and Publications about aquatic, wetland and invasive plants and their management.

Protect Your Waters: Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers - a website educating the public about the spreading of harmful plants, animals and other organisms. Detailed procedures are given to help prevention, and encourage involvement.

Scientific and Common Plant Names - Why use one instead of the other?

Solutions for Your Life brings you current, science-based answers--free.

University of Florida Herbarium focuses in plant collections, acquisition and care, research based on the collections, education and public service.

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PDF Files

A bunch of Weed Alerts from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: Invasive Plant Management Section.

A four page flyer of "Teaching Points" about native and non-native plants, questions and answers made by and for teachers - (PDF 357 MB)

A Glossary of Flower Parts - (PDF 1.6 MB)

A Glossary of Leaf Shapes - (PDF 2.14 MB)

Activity book: Understanding Invasive Aquatic Weeds, for students of all ages. Information and activities; in a 16-page booklet covering 5 aquatic plants that are invasive regionally and throughout the country.

Aquatic Plants: The Underwater Forests of Lakes and Rivers – An activity book with information about native and invasive aquatic plants with activities suitable for upper elementary. (PDF 7.3 MB)

Botany Handbook for Florida - Learn and understand scientific names of plants with clear illustrations and concise definitions. (PDF 4.44 MB)

Invasive Aquatic Weeds: What every plant enthusiast needs to know (PDF 791 KB). Published by the Indiana-Illinois Sea Grant. Hardcopy available for purchase here.

Florida LAKEWATCH Information Circulars:

Florida LAKEWATCH Pamphlets:

Lake Region Report and Poster A classification system created by grouping lakes based on similarities in physiography, geology, hydrology, soils, water chemistry, vegetation, etc. - (PDF 5 MB)

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ITEMS TO ORDER (Free to teachers)

Careers in Florida's Freshwater Environments DVD program about environmental occupations in Florida, for middle and high school students, with accompanying materials:

Florida's Aquatic Plant Story DVD An introduction to the benefits of native plants & problems caused by invasive weeds.

Loaner videotape / DVD programs about aquatic invasive plant problems and related subjects

What Makes a Quality Lake DVD An introduction to lake eutrophication (nutrient enrichment of lakes) in Florida

Webcards, pencils, and photo murals Helpful business-card reminders for anyone interested in Florida's aquatic and invasive plants.

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Affordable Resources

For teachers who are interested in invasive aquatic plants in Florida. (These resources are products of the University of Florida unless otherwise stated.)

All four photomurals FREE to Florida teachers. Requests must be sent on school letterhead.

Freshwater Plants in the Southeastern United States a recognition guide including 133 plants

Invasive and Non-native Plants a recognition guide of 94 non-native plants found in public waters and conservation lands in Florida and the Southeastern United States


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