Invasive Plant Management Plans

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Unless otherwise indicated, the above management plans were formatted for the web from:

Site Weed (Invasive Plant) Management Plan
Submitted to: Florida Department of Environmental Protection; Florida Greenways and Trails – 2004
Originally submitted as three management plans.

Excerpted from
University of Florida, IFAS Extension, Circular 1529, Invasive Species Management Plans for Florida, 2008 by
Greg MacDonald, Associate Professor Jay Ferrell, Assistant Professor and Extension Weed Specialist
Brent Sellers, Assistant Professor and Extension Weed Specialist
Ken Langeland, Professor and Extension Weed Specialist Agronomy Department, Gainesville and Range Cattle REC, Ona
Tina Duperron-Bond, DPM – Osceola County
Eileen Ketterer-Guest, former Graduate Research Assistant



*Tropical Soda Apple Management Plan
January 2012
Edited by: Julio Medal, William Overholt, Raghavan Charudattan, Jeff Mullahey, Richard Gaskalla, Rodrigo Díaz, James Cuda
University of Florida-IFAS. Gainesville, Florida, USA
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services-DPI