Herbicides Registered for Use in Florida Waters

There are fourteen generic herbicide active ingredients and dozens of trade names registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) for use in aquatic sites in Florida (i.e., for application directly to water). FDACS is the state agency designated to regulate pesticides used in Florida, and the Florida Pesticide Law (Chapter 487, Florida Statutes) is used for this purpose. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for implementing EPA NPDES regulations for pesticides applied to waters within Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is the lead agency for aquatic plant management in Florida. FWC issues permits and contracts for the control of aquatic plants, much of which is achieved using EPA and FDACS-registered herbicides. FWC authorizes the use of registered herbicides by state contractors on work plans for each public waterbody.

The following Table contains a list of herbicides applied by FWC contractors to control aquatic plants in Florida public waters. This list is maintained to comply with NPDES reporting requirements under the DEP Pesticide Generic Permit.



Herbicide formulations

Trade name

EPA Reg. No.

Bispyribac Bispyribac Tradewind 59639-165
Carfentrazone Carfentrazone Stingray 27-3279
Copper Copper chelate (liquid) Algae Pro 55146-42-67690
    Algi-cure 7364-09-8959
    Algimycin PWF 7364-09-8959
    Aquatrine 8959-33
    Captain 67690-9
    Cutrine Plus 8959-10
    Cutrine Ultra 228-378-4581
    Harpoon 8959-54
    K-Tea 67690-24
    Komeen 67690-25
    Nautique 67690-10
    Symmetry NXG 70506-249
  Copper chelate (granular) Cutrine Plus 8959-12
  Copper sulfate Current 70506-248
    Formula F-30 27588-2
Diquat Diquat Diquat E-Pro 2L 79676-75
    Diquat SPC 2L 228-675
    Harvester 100-1091-8959
    Helm Diquat 74530-25
    Knockout 100-1091
    Redwing 70506-270
    Reward 100-1091
    Tribune 100-1390
Endothall Potassium endothall (liquid) Aquathol K 70506-176
  Potassium endothall (granular) Aquathol Super K 70506-191
  Amine endothall (liquid) Hydrothol 191 70506-175
  Amine endothall (granular) Hydrothol 191 70506-174
Flumioxazin Flumioxazin Clipper 59639-161
Fluridone Fluridone (liquid) Avast 67690-30
    Sonar AS 67690-4
    WhiteCap SC 37429-GA-01
  Fluridone (pellet) SonarOne 67690-45
    Sonar Q 67690-3
    Sonar PR 67690-12
    Sonar SRP 67690-3
Glyphosate Glyphosate Accord Concentrate 62719-324
    Alligare Glyphosate 5.4 81927-8
    AquaMaster 524-343
    AquaNeat 228-365
    AquaPro 62719-324-67690
    Aqua Star 42750-59
    Glyfos Aquatic 4787-34
    Refuge 100-1362
    Rodeo 62719-324
    Shore-Klear 228-365-8959
Imazamox Imazamox Clearcast 241-437
    Clearcast 2.7G 241-439-67690
Imazapyr Imazapyr Ecomazapyr 2 SL 81927-22
    Gullwing 70506-264
    Habitat 241-426
    Polaris 228-534
    Polaris AQ 241-426-228
Penoxsulam Penoxsulam (granular) Galleon LZR 67690 (FL13-EUP-01)
  Penoxsulam (liquid) Galleon 62719-546-67690
Peroxide Hydrogen peroxide Pak 27 Algaecide 68660-9
    Phycomycin 68660-9-8959
  Hydrogen dioxide + peroxyacetic acid GreenClean Liquid 2.0 70299-12
  Sodium percarbonate GreenCleanPRO 70299-15
Triclopyr Triclopyr Garlon 3A 62719-37
    Kraken 70506-265
    Navitrol DPF 228-597-8959
    Renovate 3 62719-37-67690
    Renovate OTF 67690-50
    Trycera 5905-580
    Vastlan 62719-687
  Triclopyr  + 2,4-D (granular) Renovate Max G 67690-50
2,4-D 2,4-D (liquid) 2,4-D Amine 5905-72
    2,4-D Amine 4 42750-19-5905
    Alligare 2,4-D Amine 81927-38
    DMA 4 62719-3
    Hardball 5905-549
    Platoon 228-145
    Shredder Amine 4 1381-103
    Sinkerball 5905-549
    WeeDestroy AM 40 228-145
    Weedar 64 71368-1
  2,4-D  (granular) Aquacide 5080-2
    Aqua-Kleen 228-378-4581
    Navigate 71368-4-8959
    Sculpin G 67690-49
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