dangersearch for term
The signal word used on labels of highly hazardous pesticides due to serious health or environmental hazards.
dermal exposuresearch for term
Contact with skin.
detritalsearch for term
Loose material (such as rock fragments or organic particles) that results directly from disintegration.
diffusionsearch for term
To extend freely (extend, scatter). Dissolved substances moving from a region of higher to lower concentration.
directions for usesearch for term
The instructions found on pesticide labels indicating the proper procedures for mixing and application.
dissipationsearch for term
The slow reduction in concentration and eventual loss of a substance through degradation, dilution, or both processes.
dissolved oxygensearch for term
Oxygen gas that is dissolved in water. Fish need oxygen just as land animals do.
dosesearch for term
The quantity of chemical exposure per unit of time.
drawdownsearch for term
Also called drydown or dewatering, reduction of water body level to control exposed plants and improve substrate to support plant diversity.