fire regimesearch for term
The pattern, frequency, and intensity of wildfires and brushfires that prevails in an area.
floating islandssearch for term
Floating rafts from a few inches to several feet thick of peat or muck supporting aquatic, herbaceous and woody plants, and sometimes trees.
floating-leavedsearch for term
A plant that may or may not be anchored to the sediment, but has leaves that float on the surface of the water.
flocculentsearch for term
Having a fluffly or wooly appearance.
Floridan aquifersearch for term
The portion of the principal artesian aquifer that Extends into Florida. The principal artesian aquifer is the largest, oldest and deepest aquifer in the southeastern U.S. It is contained under pressure by a confining bed of impermeable sediments. In areas of great enough pressure, spring flows are produced.
fluvialsearch for term
Of, relating to, or living in a stream or a river. Or produced by the action of a stream or river.
formulationsearch for term
The form in which a herbicide is sold (liquid, granular or other form), or a mixture of active and inert ingredients combined during product manufacture. Synonyms: formulations
fortuitous biological controlsearch for term
Regulation of a pest population by a natural enemy that has arrived from elsewhere without deliberate introduction.
free-floatingsearch for term
A plant that is not anchored in the sediment; they get their nutirents directly from the water.
frysearch for term
Young or recently hatched fish.