magnesiumsearch for term
A common component of water and an essential nutrient for all organisms including vegetables, algae, fish and mammals. It is represented in the Periodic Table as Mg.
marlsearch for term
A loose or crumbling earthy deposit (of sand, silt, or clay) that contains a substantial amount of calcium carbonate.
maximum use rate search for term
The target amount of herbicide in the water after application.
metabolitessearch for term
Products, such as amino acids and nucleotides, that are formed as a result of the chemical reactions that happen during the cellular process, metabolism.
metalimnionsearch for term
The stratum below the epilimnion and hypolimnion water layers.
microbialsearch for term
Broken down by microbes.
migratorysearch for term
To move from one place to another.
miltsearch for term
The sperm-containing fluid of a male fish.
monoculturesearch for term
Population of low or single-species diversity.