narrow-spectrum herbicidesearch for term
A herbicide that targets a specific plant species.
ninety-six hour LC50search for term
Herbicide concentration lethal to 50% of a test population in 96 hours (typically used for fish swimming in water containing the herbicide). Synonyms: 96 hr LC50, 96-hour LC50
nitrogensearch for term
A colorless, tasteless, odorless element that is relatively inert (stable) and constitutes 78 percent of the atmosphere and forms a part of all living tissues.
nitrogen fixationsearch for term
The changing of free nitrogen in the air into a combined form (as ammonia) especially by bacteria in the soil and in roots.
non-classical biological controlsearch for term
Mass rearing and periodic release of resident biological control agents (native or introduced) to increase their effectiveness.
nutrientssearch for term
Chemicals that algae and aquatic plants (macrophytes) need for growth. Nitrogen and phosphorous are two of the most common nutrients found in Florida soils.