PDMPsearch for term
Pesticide Discharge Management Plan – demonstrates integrated pest management strategies and documents steps taken to reduce pesticide discharges to water of the U.S.
peatsearch for term
Partially carbonized vegetative tissue formed by the partial decomposition in water of various plants.
periphytonsearch for term
Organisms (such as some algae) that live attached to underwater surfaces.
personal protective equipment (PPE)search for term
Devices and garments that protect handlers from exposure to pesticides. These include coveralls, eye protection, gloves, boots, respirators, aprons and hats.
phosphoroussearch for term
A nonmetallic element that occurs widely especially as phosphate fertilizers.
photic zonesearch for term
The layer of a body of water penetrated by sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis.
photolysissearch for term
Breaking down in sunlight. Synonyms: photodegradation
phytotoxicsearch for term
Poisonous to plants.
pioneeringsearch for term
To open or prepare for others to follow. The first instance of a plant species.
planktonsearch for term
The floating organisms occurring in a body of water, primarily made of microscopic algae and protozoa.
pneumataphoressearch for term
A submerged or exposed root often functioning as a respiratory organ in swamp or marsh plants (Example: a cypress knee).
potable watersearch for term
Water which is fit for consumption for humans and other animals. Drinking water.
ppbsearch for term
Parts per billion.
precipitationsearch for term
Falling out of solution and sinking to the bottom.
prescribed firesearch for term
Fire applied in a knowledgeable manner to vegetative fuels on a specific land area under selected weather conditions to accomplish predetermined, well-defined management objectives.
propagulesearch for term
Vegetative or sexual structures with the ability to create new plants; examples include turions, tubers, bulblets, fragments, winter buds and seeds.