saturatesearch for term
To cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance, through solution, chemical combination, or the like.
Secchi depthsearch for term
The depth at which a Secchi disk dropped into the water disappears from sight. A measurement of water clarity.
Secchi disksearch for term
A black and white disk attached to a rope which is used to measure water clarity. The depth at which it disappears from view when dropped into the water is the Secchi depth.
Secchi transparencysearch for term
A small black and white disk called a Secchi disk is dropped into the water, and where it disappears from view is called the Secchi transparency or the Secchi disk depth.
selectivitysearch for term
Ability of a herbicide to kill certain types of plants without causing significant injury to others.
senescesearch for term
To reach later maturity, to grow old.
signal wordsearch for term
One of three words (Danger, Warning, Caution) found on pesticide labels to indicate the relative hazard of the chemical.
standing cropsearch for term
amount of existing plant material present
statement of practical treatmentsearch for term
A section of the pesticide label that provides information on treating people who have been exposed to the pesticide. This includes emergency first aid information.
submersedsearch for term
Plants growing with their root, stems, and leaves completely under the surface of the water.
substratesearch for term
An underlying layer, the base over which an organism lives or which it moves.
surficial aquiferssearch for term
Shallow beds of shells and sand that lie less than 100 feet underground, separated from the Floridian aquifer by a confining bed of soil. Groundwater continuously moves along the hydraulic gradient from areas of recharge to areas of discharge.
systemic herbicidesearch for term
A herbicide that is absorbed into the plant through the leaves, stems or roots and translocated throughout the plant to kill it from the inside. Slower acting than contact herbicides.