tanninsearch for term
A dissolved substance from organic matter that imparts a red or brown stain to the water.
temperature inversionsearch for term
An increase of temperature with height through a layer of air.
thermal stratificationsearch for term
The horizontal layering of differing densities produced in a lake by temperature changes at different depths.
thermoclinesearch for term
Transition zone in a thermally stratified body of water between upper surface water (epilimnion) and deeper water (hypolimnion). Lack of water circulation causes temporary stratification, with the thermocline existing in the middle layer of water.
toxicitysearch for term
The degree or extent that a chemical or substance is poisonous.
transformationsearch for term
The environmental processes that cause a herbicide to no longer be toxic to plants, including adsorption (binding to the soil).
translocatesearch for term
The conduction of a soluble material (as metabolic products) from one part of a plant to another.
transpirationsearch for term
The passage of water through a plant from the roots through the vascular system to the atmosphere.
triploid grass carpsearch for term
Carp having three sets of chromosomes (triploid) instead of the normal two sets of chromosomes (diploid), making them sterile.
troglobitessearch for term
True cave-dwelling organisms that cannot survive on the surface. These organisms rely on consistent water temperature and quality for survival. Many of these in Florida are arthropods and are threatened or of special concern.
trophic statesearch for term
Also known as trophic status. The degree of nutrient enrichment of the water.
tuberssearch for term
The short, thickened fleshy food-storing portion of an underground stem with many surface buds, generally shaped like a rounded protuberance.
turbidsearch for term
Murky due to suspended sediment or other particles in the water (stirred up). Synonyms: turbidity
turionsearch for term
A compacted vegetative bud produced along the stem that can overwinter and form a new plant.
tussockssearch for term
Floating rafts of herbaceous vegetation.