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Freshwater Fish

Fish use aquatic plants for spawning and nursery areas, as well as for food. Some fish and their fry eat aquatic plants and the algae and small animals that are attached to the stems and leaves. Aquatic plants also offer refuge from predators such as larger fish and water birds. Submersed aquatic plants also generate […]

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Non-native Invasive Plants – An Introduction

Non-native Plants Non-native plants (“weeds” or “exotics”) have been introduced to an area from their native range, either purposefully or accidentally. The term non-native usually refers to plants from other countries, regions, or continents. Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) comes from South America. Melaluca (Melaleuca quinquenervia) comes from Australia. However, non-native can also mean plants from another region […]

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Native Plants

Florida has more than 4,200 plant species growing outside of cultivation, according to the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants. Out of those 4,200 species, nearly 3,000 are considered native. The majority are terrestrial plants: they live on dry land. There are also hundreds of aquatic plant species that live in damp or wet soils or […]

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