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Herbicide Considerations Reference Guide—Introduction

This reference guide defines the parameters considered by aquatic plant managers and FWC biologists when formulating a management plan using herbicides in Florida waters. No single herbicide is appropriate for controlling all invasive or nuisance aquatic plant infestations. Therefore, aquatic plant managers must have a thorough understanding of how each herbicide acts in Florida aquatic […]

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Reducing Pesticide Use in Florida Waters

The FWC Invasive Plant Management Section has invested significantly in research through the years on biological, mechanical, and physical means to control aquatic plants, used alone or in combination, to augment or replace herbicide use. Additionally, much research has been conducted to understand the physiology and growth patterns of target invasive plants in Florida waters […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fishermen, boaters, swimmers and others often question the need for, and safety of, weed control programs. Following are a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding Florida's aquatic plant management program. Are aquatic herbicides safe to use? All herbicides should be handled with great care, especially in their concentrated form. Once diluted […]

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