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A Manager’s Definition of Aquatic Plant Control

Michael D. Netherland US Army Engineer Research and Development Center Environmental Laboratory Editor, Journal of Aquatic Plant Management Jeffrey D. Schardt Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Invasive Plant Management Section Introduction Aquatic plant management is a complex discipline that blends the predictable sciences of water chemistry and hydrology with the highly variable parameters of […]

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Wild taro

Quick Facts Scientific name Colocasia esculenta Origin India, Southeast Asia Introduction Early 1900s, food crop Aquatic community Emergent Habitat Wet soils, shallow water, floating islands Distribution Statewide Management effort Eradicate new colonies 2014 public waters / plant acres: 276 / 368 Environmental and Economic Concerns Displaces native plants, especially along shaded shorelines and in wetlands […]

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Para grass

Quick Facts Scientific name Urochloa mutica Origin Africa Introduction Late 1800s, forage grass Aquatic community Emergent grass Habitat Wet soils, shorelines, floating mats Distribution Central and South Florida Management effort Complaint management 2014 public waters / plant acres: 202 / 763 Environmental and Economic Concerns Sprawling grass up to 15 feet long that forms dense tufts […]

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