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Herbicide Considerations Reference Guide—Introduction

This reference guide defines the parameters considered by aquatic plant managers and FWC biologists when formulating a management plan using herbicides in Florida waters. No single herbicide is appropriate for controlling all invasive or nuisance aquatic plant infestations. Therefore, aquatic plant managers must have a thorough understanding of how each herbicide acts in Florida aquatic […]

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Flood Control

Florida would be an entirely different state were it not for flood control. It has enabled Florida to become a top tourist destination, a popular spot for winter residents, a leading agricultural producer, and a place with thousands of waterfront homes. Flood control structure on Lake Okeechobee During the land boom of the 1920s, developers […]

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Decomposition and Sedimentation

Simply stated, decomposition is the breakdown of matter into its basic components. When discussed in terms of environmental processes, it includes the breakdown of dead organic plant material (leaves, stems, etc.) by micro-organisms. When plant material decomposes and sinks to the bottom of a waterbody, it leaves behind a layer of sediment or muck—a process […]

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