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A Manager’s Definition of Aquatic Plant Control

Michael D. NetherlandUS Army Engineer Research and Development CenterEnvironmental LaboratoryEditor, Journal of Aquatic Plant Management Jeffrey D. SchardtFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation CommissionInvasive Plant Management Section Introduction Aquatic plant management is a complex discipline that blends the predictable sciences of water chemistry and hydrology with the highly variable parameters of biology and meteorology for application […]

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Flood Control

Florida would be an entirely different state were it not for flood control. It has enabled Florida to become a top tourist destination, a popular spot for winter residents, a leading agricultural producer, and a place with thousands of waterfront homes. During the land boom of the 1920s, developers saw the potential to transform south […]

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Aquatic and Wetland Plants in Florida

Our state is home to hundreds of native aquatic and wetland plants that live in damp to wet soils, and some even more specialized plants that live entirely in, on, or under water; submersed plants, emersed plants (including grasses, sedges and rushes), and floating and floating-leaved plants. These plants are technically referred to as aquatic […]

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