Aquatic soda apple

Quick Facts

Scientific nameSolanum tampicense
OriginMexico, West Indies
Introduction1970s, natural colonization (?)
Aquatic communityEmergent
HabitatShorelines, wet soils
DistributionCentral Florida
Management effortEradication
2014 public waters / plant acres:2 /10

Environmental and Economic Concerns

  • Sprawling, prickly shrubs up to 15 feet tall
  • Usually found in shallow river channels or flood plains
  • Forms dense, tangled monocultures
  • Invades disturbed areas and grows over established native vegetation
  • Difficult to selectively remove from intertwined native vegetation
  • Seeds disseminated by birds increasing potential for wide and rapid dispersal


Solanum tampicense
Solanum tampicense
Solanum tampicense
Solanum tampicense

Management Options

BiologicalNone available
Chemical2,4-D, triclopyr
MechanicalImpractical - plants in shallow water, marshes
PhysicalHand pulling individual plants

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Status of the Aquatic Plant Maintenance Program in Florida Public Waters, Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2009-2010.

Last updated: 30 December 2014