Para grass

Quick Facts

Scientific nameUrochloa mutica
IntroductionLate 1800s, forage grass
Aquatic communityEmergent grass
HabitatWet soils, shorelines, floating mats
DistributionCentral and South Florida
Management effortComplaint management
2014 public waters / plant acres:202 / 763

Environmental and Economic Concerns

  • Sprawling grass up to 15 feet long that forms dense tufts on shorelines
  • Provides little wildlife value and crowds out native plants
  • Mats can break loose forming floating islands
  • Considered one of the world’s worst weeds
Urochloa mutica
Urochloa mutica
Urochloa mutica
Urochloa mutica

Management Options

BiologicalNone available
ChemicalGlyphosate, imazapyr
MechanicalMowing; harvest or shred floating mats
PhysicalDrawdown, desiccation, and burning

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Status of the Aquatic Plant Maintenance Program in Florida Public Waters, Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2009-2010.

Last updated: 30 December 2014