Star-rush, white-top sedge

Rhynchospora colorata -- Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

Rhynchospora colorata

Native to Florida


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star-rush star-rush star-rush star-rush

    This very conspicuous plant is one of the few sedges having 3 to 10 pointed white and green "leaves" at the top. The "leaves" are actually large bracts that surround the less conspicuous inflorescence. Real leaves arise from thebase of the plant.

    Star-rush is a sedge. stems slender, triangular to round, 4 in. to 2 ft. tall; leaf blades spreading, tapering to point, 4-16 in. long, to 1/4 in. wide; bracts leaf-like, usually 3-6, white with green pointed tips; inflorescence a dense cluster of small spikes; spikelets have several tiny flowers

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