Giant foxtail

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Setaria magna

Native to Florida

giant foxtail

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giant foxtail giant foxtail giant foxtail giant foxtail giant foxtail giant foxtail

Setaria magna is frequently found growing in swamps and wet,disturbed sites from the peninsula west to the central panhandle of Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). It blooms year round and occurs almost always (estimated probability 99%) under natural conditions in wetlands.

The native giant foxtail is much larger than its cousin, knotroot foxtail. It might first be noticed as a large spike or "foxtail" on top of a very large grass, growing in a deep ditch. Giant foxtail produces large seeds which are valuable wildlife food.

Giant foxtail is a very large grass. stems to 12 ft. tall, to 1 in. wide; leaf blades to 20 in. long, to 2 in. wide, usually rough to the touch; inflorescence large bushy spike, on stem tips, sometimes drooping, densely hairy, to 20 in. long; spikelets with 1 or 2 long bristles.

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