Yellow bristlegrass, knotroot foxtail

Setaria parviflora -- Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

Setaria parviflora

Native to Florida

yellow bristlegrass

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yellow bristlegrass yellow bristlegrass yellow bristlegrass yellow bristlegrass yellow bristlegrass yellow bristlegrass

This small grass might first be noticed by its shortish bristly inflorescences at the tops of several stems above erect leaves. Yellow bristlegrass may occur as a single plant or as a significant colony. It may be short, less than 1 ft., or up to 2 ft. tall.

It is commonly found growing in flatwoods, hammocks, fresh and brackish marshes, coastal swales, and disturbed sites nearly throughout Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). Setaria parviflora blooms all year and is equally likely to occur in wetlands or non-wetlands (estimated probability 34%-66%).

There are about 32 species of Setaria in the U.S.; about 1/3 of them are non-native plants. Except for the north central states, this species is native throughout the U.S. (Kartesz, 1999).

Yellow bristlegrass is a grass. stems erect or leaning, 14-28 in. tall; leaf blades flat, mostly erect, to 2 ft. long; inflorescence cylindrical, bristly, to 3 in. long, to 3/4 in. wide, on stem tips; 4 to 7 long bristles stick out from around each spikelet

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