Johnson grass

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Non-Native to Florida

Johnson grass

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Johnson grass Johnson grass Johnson grass Johnson grass Johnson grass

    Invasive Johnson grass is a large grass which is frequently found growing in disturbed sites nearly throughout Florida. It is native to the Mediterranean region but escaped from cultivation. It blooms all year and is usually occurs in non-wetlands (estimated probability 67%-99%), but occasionally found in wetlands (estimated probability 1%-33%) (Wunderlin, 2003).

    Johnson grass is a large NON-NATIVE grass. stems erect, to 8 ft. tall; leaf blades long, flat, midrib white, to 2 ft. long, to 3/4 in. wide, folded at the base, margins finely rough; ligule thin, papery; inflorescence very large, to 20 in. long, widely spreading, branched, jointed axis; spikelets in pairs at the nodes of the axis, half are on stalks, all are hairy

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