Identification & Biology of Non-Native Plants in Florida's Natural Areas

Authors: K.A. Langeland and K. Craddock Burks, Editors


This is a downloadable Acrobat PDF version of the first edition printed book. The second edition is not currently available as a PDF file.

Book Description:

Hundreds of non-native plants have been introduced into Florida, many of great benefit to us. Some, however, have been established outside cultivation, in expanding populations within native plant communities. If left unchecked, these non-natives may disrupt natural processes, displace native plants and animals, and interfere with management goals.

This field guide, intended as a tool for land managers, covers 62 non-native plant species considered weeds in Florida's natural areas. With descriptions and photographs, the guide provides identification characters of these plants, plus details on their ecological significance, distribution, and life history.

The fist edition of this book is currently out of print. The second edition may be purchased from IFASBOOKS.