Aquarium/Water Garden Books and Magazine

This is a sampling of books, journals and magazines for the aquatic gardener and aquarium enthusiast.


    Aqua-Planta. Arbeitskreis Wasserpflanzen, Association of German Aquarium Clubs. Contact Gerd Eggers, Flachsbleiche 70, 4044 Kaarst, Germany.

      A quarterly specialist magazine of the Association of German Aquarium Clubs.

    Aquarium Plants - their identification, cultivation and ecology. Rataj, K., T.J. Horeman. 1977. T.F.H. Publications, Inc., Neptune City, NJ. 448 pp.

      Both color and black and white photographs accompany this comprehensive guide to aquarium plants. Subjects covered include lighting, water chemistry and temperature of aquariums, and reproduction and practical propagation of aquarium plants. More than 45 plant families encompassing hundreds of species are covered.


    Aquarienpflanzen. Kasselmann, C. 1995. Verlag Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart. In German. 472 pp.

      According to The Aquatic Gardener, "Aquarists in Europe are already calling it the book of the century, if not the book of the next century." This book is for aquarium plant lovers, who read German. The book treats more than 300 aquatic and wetland plants; each treatment includes a high quality color photograph (mostly very good field shots), taxonomy, distribution, plant description, culturing requirements and ecology. According to C.D.K.Cook, "the book is a thoroughly professional work and deserves a wider readership than just German-speaking aquarium freaks."

      Can be ordered from International Book Import Service.


    The Aquatic Gardener. Journal of the Aquatic Gardeners Association. Frank, N., editor. 6205 Lookout Loop, Raleigh, NC, 27612.

      This bi-monthly journal features very useful articles on the keeping of aquariums and aquatic plants.


    The Complete Guide to Water Plants. Muhlberg, H. 1982. EP Publishing Ltd., Germany. 391 pp.

      Describes and illustrates nearly 200 species of aquatic plants, primarily those cultivated for aquariums and water gardens. Cultivation and propagation is described. Over 200 color and black and white photographs, and 59 line drawings.


    A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants. James, B. 1986. Salamander Books Ltd., New York. 117 pp.

      Lots of practical advice and over 100 color photographs fill this pocket guide to growing aquarium plants. Information is given for over 60 species on substrate, lighting, pH value, water hardness and temperature requirements.


    The Optimum Aquarium. Horst, A., H. Kipper. 1986. AD Aquadocumenta Verlag, Bielefeld, Germany. 203 pp.

      A complete guide to installation and care of the fresh water aquarium for both fish and plants. Almost 200 photographs of excellent quality.


    Pondkeeper Magazine. Vivicon Productions, Inc., 1000 Whitetail Court, Duncansville, PA 16635-6908, phone: 814-695-4325.

      A full-color magazine for outdoor water gardeners.


    Pondscapes Magazine. National Pond Society. Sperling, A., editor. P.O. Box 449, Acworth, GA, 30101-0449.

      A colorful, enthusiastically written publication covering all aspects of outdoor water gardens of all sizes. Ten issues per year.


    System for a Problem-Free Aquarium. Dennerle, L., H. Lilge. Dennerle GMBH, Germany. Sold through Aquatic Gardeners Association. 128 pp.

      This 128-page color illustrated book offers a plant encyclopedia of 185 aquarium plants, 15 floating plants and 25 marsh or terrarium plants and details on 15 aquascapes with planting layouts.


    The Water Garden Journal. International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society (IWGS), 6828 26th St. W, Bradenton, FL, 34027, USA. WWW:

      A quarterly publication for the more experienced hobbyist and water gardening professional. Informative feature articles on water gardening techniques; plant husbandry; water quality; hybridisation; invasive species issues; and related topics.


    Water Gardening, Water Lilies and Lotuses. Slocum, P.D., P. Robinson. 1996. Timber Press, Inc., Portland, Oregon. 434 pp.

      455 color photos and 79 black and white illustrations fill this large format, all encompassing book on water gardening. Features hands-on information on construction and maintenance of water gardens and full descriptions of all species and major cultivars of water lilies and lotuses. Both practical and beautiful.


    Water Plants in the Aquarium. Scheurmann, I. 1987. Barron's Educational Series, Inc., Hauppauge, NY. 78 pp.

      A hobbyist's guide to choosing, planting, care, propagation and technology of plant aquariums. Some color photos and line drawings.


    Werkgroep Aquatische Planten. Dutch Waterplant Society, Redaktle WAP-krant, Rijswijkseweg 452, 2516 HR Den Haag, The Netherlands.

      A substantial journal published four times per year. Entirely in Dutch.