EPA Workplan: Demonstration Project on Hydrilla and Hygrophila in the Upper Kissimmee Chain of Lakes

Project Schedule (See Appendix A)

The project is anticipated to begin October 2006 and be completed by September 30, 2010. The last six months of the project is proposed for completion of a final report on the findings from the demonstration project. There will be a specific timeline created for each element and/or task and it will be submitted to EPA in conjunction with the detailed work plan as required in Condition #3.

Project Budget ( See Appendix B)

The following explanations are provided for each category identified in the budget provided:

Personnel: The funds allocated to the personnel section of the budget are proposed for the payment of the services associated with and provided by UF/IFAS extension faculty and for a biologist to work on this grant.

Travel: The funds allocated to the travel section of the budget are proposed for UF/ IFAS extension County faculty, the biologist and grant manger. Traveling to and from Gainesville will occur on nearly a weekly basis once the implementation is in full force. Other travel includes an occasional visit to the SePRO research facility in North Carolina and meetings/ conferences where the findings of the project can be shared.

Equipment: The funds allocated to the equipment section of the budget are proposed for vehicle purchase and spray equipment for use by the Osceola County biologist and UF/IFAS Extension faculty.

Supplies: The funds allocated to the supply section of the budget are proposed for the payment of the supplies (herbicides, Mt fungus, printing and publication costs, etc.) associated with the implementation of project elements that are performed by University graduate students, University professors, their research assistants, UF/IFAS Extension faculty and the biologist. Funds will be allocated to Osceola County staff for their purchase of appropriate supplies that will be applied to this project. The biologist and extension agent will be supplied with a computer with associated software, printer. A handheld GPS unit and digital camera will also be purchased.

Outside Contractual Services: The funds allocated to the outside contractual services section of the budget are proposed for the payment of the SePRO and the University of Florida to implement various elements and tasks of the demonstration project (research, web design, demonstration within the County, etc.).

Operating Expenses: These are expenses incurred by the County for the operation of this grant. These expenses include fuel, tires and repairs for the truck, airboat, and any other equipment used.


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Budget Explanation

The County Biologist will be responsible for locating project sites, coordinating with other government agencies, and other duties as assigned. The biologist is responsible for contributing to report writing, data collection and analysis, locating sites, and coordinating fieldwork in Osceola County for all elements conducted in that location. This individual will be housed in Osceola County, and may be required to travel 1 day per week to Gainesville to assist in set-up and harvest of large experiments there.

The Osceola County Extension Agent will be responsible for developing the outreach materials of Element 4, disseminating information to the public and other governmental agencies, and contributing to the quarterly reports for EPA. The Extension agent will also be responsible for the coordination of meetings and facilitation of communication between research personnel, CAIP staff, and other County staff.

Limno corrals are water impermeable silt barriers constructed of Teflon covered cloth, sealed at the corners and made to any depths, floats on top, chain sewn into bottom of cloth. We will purchase up to 12 - 104' sections of limnocorral, 6’-8’ deep, to isolate areas of weeds, and native plants to evaluate the residue and efficacy of herbicides. Four sections will allow corralling 0.25acre site. These corrals will be used to test mycoherbicides as well as traditional herbicides.

Truck: Transportation is required to allow the County biologist and extension agent to perform their various duties and to coordinate with the contractor from the University of Florida and SePRO. The biologist will locate project sites; ponds, set out limno corrals, collect residue samples, collect plant data and coordinate field activities in Osceola County.


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