Herbicide Product Information

All pesticides that are sold in the U.S. must be registered with the EPA. Before a pesticide can be sold, it must undergo thorough testing to ensure the product will not cause unreasonable risk to humans or the environment. The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) gives the EPA the authority to register pesticides. States are authorized to regulate pesticides under FIFRA and under state pesticide laws and can place more restrictions or requirements on pesticides than EPA.

The EPA has 3 main classifications for pesticides that are registered for use. These include Federal Registration, Emergency Exemptions and Special Local Needs.

  • A Federal Registration, commonly referred to as Section 3, is a fully labeled pesticide, approved by the EPA for national use. Every pesticide label will have an EPA registration number on the front of the label.
  • An Emergency Exemption or Section 18 registration gives permission to use a pesticide when an emergency pest situation arises and there are no current registered pesticides available. This type of registration is only good for a specific period of time.
  • A Special Local Needs Registration, or Section 24c, is a registration whereby a State can register an additional use of a federally registered product or a new-end use product to meet special local needs. Manufacturers must supply supplemental labeling with the product.

Experimental Use Permits (EUP) are also issued by the EPA.

  • EPA grants permits to allow a pesticide producer to test a new pesticide, product, or use outside the laboratory. EUPs are used for large-scale (more than 10 acres of land or 1 acre of water) testing of efficacy and gathering of environmental fate, ecological effects, and crop residue chemistry data. Regulations governing EUPs are found in 40 CFR 172. The EUP sets requirements for transportation, application, and disposal of unregistered test products.

View the Prohibited Plant Permit Conditions for this project provided by the DEP, Bureau of Invasive Plant Management.

The following information is related to the herbicides used in conjunction with this project. The information along with corresponding links will be displayed as follows:

Active Ingredient: Registration Type
Product Label
Product MSDS
Product RED
Product Factsheet
Other Brand Names

Products listed are under consideration for use in Osceola County waters for aquatic plant management.

Triclopyr: Section 3
Renovate Label
Renovate MSDS
Triclopyr RED
Triclopyr RED Long Version
Other Brand Names: Garlon 3A

Imazapyr: Section 3
Chemical Review Manager: Sherrie Kinard (kinard.sherrie@epa.gov), 703-305-0563
Habitat Label
Habitat MSDS
Imazapyr RED
Other Brand Names: Arsenal

Carfentrazone: Section 3
Stingray Label
Stingray MSDS
Carfentrazone Fact sheet
Technical Guide
Other Brand Names: Aim, Shark

Fluridone: Section 3
Chemical Review Manager: Wilhelmena Livingston (livingston.wilhelmena@epa.gov), 703-308-8025
Sonar Label
Sonar MSDS
Fluridone TRED
Other Brand Names: Avast

Endothall: Section 3
Chemical Review Manager: Tracy Perry (perry.tracy@epa.gov), 703-308-0128
Aquathol K Label
Aquathol K MSDS
Endothall RED
Other Brand Names: Hydrothol

Penoxsulam: Section 18
GF-443 SC Section 18 Label
Galleon Label
Grasp SC Label
Penoxsulam Food Tolerance
Other Brand Names: Grasp SC

Imazamox: Section 24c
Clearcast Label
Clearcast MSDS
Imazamox Factsheet
Other Brand Names: Raptor