EPA Workplan: Demonstration Project on Hydrilla and Hygrophila in the Upper Kissimmee Chain of Lakes

Quality Assurance Project Plan

The quality assurance plan (QAP) will be provided by the University of Florida and SePRO to EPA for approval prior to the collection of any data associated with their respective elements/tasks. Osceola County will not be performing any data collection; therefore, the County will not be submitting a separate QAP. Work (in form of data collection) will not begin until EPA has approved the QAP.

Reporting Requirements

  • Quantitative measurements or data generation will be completed on this project and/or will be approved by EPA prior to award of any grant funding.
  • Quarterly Reports will be prepared and submitted to EPA in a timely manner.
  • The project will not involve collection of similar information from ten or more persons.
  • No income will be generated from this project.
  • Workshops and/or conferences may be held relative to this project.
  • Contractual services will be awarded to private entities by means of following legal and proper guidelines as directed by the respective authorities.


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