Andropogon glomeratus

Common Name(s): Bushy broom grass

Native to Florida

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bushy broom grassbushy broom grassbushy broom grassbushy broom grassbushy broom grassbushy broom grassbushy broom grass

Bushy broom grass might first be noticed as a tall blue-green grass with a large whitish, hairy top, growing along ditches. There are 17 different species and varieties of Andropogon in Florida (Wunderlin, 1998). Bushy broom grass is present in the eastern third and the southern half of the U.S.; and the Virgin Islands (Kartesz, 1999).

Bushy broom grass is a grass. Stems tufted, erect, to 7 ft. tall, regular nodes; leaf blades flat or folded, to 1/2 in. wide, to 2 ft. long, rough or smooth;sheath long; ligule thin and hairy; inflorescences in dense masses, long, densely “hairy”, having 2-5 branches, branches with 5-12 pairs of spikelets; spikelets paired, long (to 3/4 in.) stiff bristle-like appendages (awns) and dense hairs on spikelet stalks give the inflorescences their hairy look.

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University of Florida Herbarium Digital Imaging Projects.

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