Echinochloa walteri

Common Name(s): Walter's millet, coast cockspur

Native to Florida

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This is one of several Echinochloa species in Florida, and may be encountered growing in clumps in and beside water, or in farmlands. This species is planted for the use of many kinds of birds and is a favorite food. There are eight species of Echinochloa in Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). Walter’s-millet occurs throughout eastern U.S. and Canada (Kartesz, 1999).

Walter’s-millet is a grass. Stems erect, thick, to 5 ft. tall, 1-several from base; leaf blades flat, linear, smooth, to 2 ft. long, to 3/4 in. wide; sheaths have stiff haris; inflorescence a bristly stalk, erect or slightly sagging, somewhat open, branched; spikelets crowded on one side of branches, sharp-pointed, short-stalked, pale purple, covered with small stiff hairs (bristles).