Fimbristylis spathacea

Common Name(s): Hurricane-grass

Native to Florida

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This fringe-rush may be found as single plants or as large colonies in beaches, dunes, brackish shores, marshes, ditches and disturbed sites of the central and southern peninsula of Florida. It blooms all year. Its inflorescence looks somewhat different from other Fimbristylis speces, and so is easy to identify. It is food of geese and ducks. There are about a dozen species of Fimbristylis in Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). Hurricane grass can be found in FL, HI, PR, and the Virgin Islands (Kartesz, 1999)

Hurricane-grass is a fringe-rush sedge. Stems to 20 in. tall, stiff; leaf blades basal, linear, to 3/16 in. wide, spreading, stiff; bract stiff, shorter than inflorescence; inflorescence head-like, distinctive, densely crowded with spikelets; spikelets ovoid, to 1/4 in. long, scales ovate; nutlet brown to black.