Oxycaryum cubense

Common Name(s): Burhead sedge

Non-Native to Florida

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burhead sedgeburhead sedgeburhead sedgeburhead sedgeburhead sedge

This species appears on the following legally prohibited plant lists

This leafy Scirpus resembles a species of Cyperus. Some believe it is not native to Florida; others believe it is native to the state. It might be noticed as a large colony of medium-height grasses growing in water, with spherical inflorescences only somewhat visible among the many leaves. It is a major duck food.

Burhead sedge is a bulrush sedge. rhizomes red, slender; stems slender, triangular, erect, to 3 ft. tall; leaf blades long, ribbon-like, from base, some or all longer than the inflorescence stem; inflorescence of 1-several lumpy spherical heads, heads comprised of stout pointed tips, heads to 3/4 in. across, green to reddish brown, some on stalks of various lengths; bracts very long, leaf-like, arranged in loose spiral.