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Carex species

Common Name(s): Some species native to Florida *SEE BELOW* Online image request form There are approximately 90 species of Carex in Florida, including those indigenous to Florida and non-native species that were purposely or unintentionally introduced and now reproduce outside of cultivation. They are in the Cyperaceae family, which is large and widely dispersed throughout […]

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Sparganium americanum

Common Name(s): Video ID segment (2-3 minutes) Online image request form Bur-reed is a sedge that is occasionally found growing in marshes, wet hammocks, and the edges of ponds and streams from the northern counties south to the central peninsula of Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). It is recognized by its stalk of large spherical bur-like flower […]

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Rhynchospora nitens

Common Name(s): Video ID segment (2-3 minutes / transcript below) Online image request form Rhynchospora nitens is frequently found growing in wet flatwoods, pond margins and ditches nearly throughout Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). It blooms from summer to fall. Video Transcript Bald-rush is most often found in wet sands of flatwoods, ditches, coastal swales and marshes, […]

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