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Lobelia cardinalis

Common Name(s): Online image request form This dicotyledon exists in floodplain forests and spring runs. There are 13 species of Lobelia occurring in Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). Cardinal flower is found extensively throughout the US and Canada (Kartesz, 1999). View the herbarium specimen image from the University of Florida Herbarium Digital Imaging Projects.

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Hippuris vulgaris

Common Name(s): Online image request form Mare’s-tail is a perennial aquatic herb arising from a rhizome. Stems are unbranched and can be both emersed and submersed, or of one form only. The emersed form is erect above the water with a “bottle-brush” shape, tapering to a tip. The leaves are whorled, entire, 1-10 cm. long, […]

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Limnophila sessiliflora

Common Name(s): Origin: India to Southeast Asia1 Video ID segment (2-3 minutes) Online image request form This species appears on the following legally prohibited plant lists Federal Noxious Weed List Florida Noxious Weed List Florida Prohibited Aquatic Plants List Yes No Yes CATEGORY I on the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s (FLEPPC) 2015 List of […]

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