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Riccia fluitans

Common Name(s): Online image request form Riccia fluitans is a liverwort (phylum Marchantiophyta), one of three evolutionary lines of small, non-vascular “bryophyte” plants (those that lack water conducting cells, reproduce by alternating generations, and conduct photosynthesis in the haploid generation). The mosses (Bryophyta) and the hornworts (Anthocerotophyta) complete the three groups of bryophytes. Riccia fluitans […]

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Educational DVD Programs

Aquatic Plant Identification Series Code: UF/IFAS Publication # DVD 084 4 DVD Set Price: $15.00 View list of plants covered in ID series This series of seven videotapes features 111 of the most common or important aquatic and wetland plants in Florida (most are common elsewhere as well). Plants are described in everyday language so […]

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