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Cyperus prolifer

Common Name(s): Origin: Africa1 Online image request form This species appears on the following legally prohibited plant lists Federal Noxious Weed List Florida Noxious Weed List Florida Prohibited Aquatic Plants List No No No CATEGORY II on the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s (FLEPPC) 2015 List of Invasive Plant Species UF-IFAS Assessment of Non-Native Plants […]

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Rhynchospora species

Common Name(s): Video ID segment (2-3 minutes) Online image request form There are about 200 species of beakrushes world-wide, with about 2 dozen growing in Florida’s wetlands. Some are easily identified by their conspicuous long “beaks” at the tips of the spikelets. They are a preferred food of whistling ducks. Beakrushes are beakrush sedges. tufted, […]

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Cyperus distinctus

Common Name(s): Video ID segment (2-3 minutes) Online image request form Occurs almost always under natural conditions in wetlands, but occasionally found in non-wetlands. Found in most counties of peninsular Florida. A large, robust plant with scabrous stems. (Crow and Hellquist, 2000) Flat sedges are sedges. Stems solid, often 3-angled, unbranched, leafy at base; leaf […]

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Cladium jamaicense

Common Name(s): Video ID segment (2-3 minutes / transcript below) Online image request form Video Transcript Saw-grass – Cladium jamaicenseThe aptly named saw-grass is a large sedge, known as the dominant plant of the Everglades. It grows in fresh and brackish-water swamps and marshes, and along lake shores throughout Florida. It also can grow well […]

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Fuirena species

Common Name(s): Video ID segment (2-3 minutes) Online image request form There are five species of umbrella-grasses native to Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). They might be noticed as tallish green stems growing in large colonies in the water, or as short plants growing in clumps on the shore, all kinds having bristly “cones” on stem tips. […]

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Fimbristylis species

Common Name(s): Online image request form Fringe-rushes might be encountered as single plants or as significant colonies growing on road-sides or in flatwoods. There are about a dozen species in Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). They look like small clumps of grass except for their distinctive inflorescences. Their spikelets do not have bristles. They are eaten by […]

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