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Invasive Plant Management Plans

Table of Contents (alphabetical) by common name by scientific name Air potato Asparagus fern Brazilian pepper-tree Caesar’s weed Calico flower Camphor tree Cat’s-claw vine Chinaberry Chinese ladder brake fern Chinese tallow Chinese wisteria Cogongrass Coral ardisia Coral vine Creeping oxeye Elephant ear Glossy privet Golden bamboo Golden rain tree Japanese climbing fern Japanese honeysuckle Kudzu […]

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Plant Line Drawings

A digital collection of botanical drawings depicting 175 common and rare, native and non-native species. Purchase Plant Line Drawings (Hi-Res) Obtaining Permission for Non-commercial or Commercial Use of Botanical Line Drawings. The illustrators whose work is included in this collection are Ann Murray, Laura Line, Dale Johnson, Susan Trammell, Ana Ramey, Sandra Murphy-Pak, and Katrina […]

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Tradescantia ohiensis

Common Name(s): Online image request form See EDIS Publication: Spiderwort Control in Hay Fields and Pastures by Michael Durham, Jason Ferrell, and Brent Sellers (2016) This native perennial is frequent to open, disturbed sites and residential landscapes from northern Florida, south to the central peninsula (Wunderlin, 2011). It is equally likely to occur in wetlands […]

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Pteris tripartita

Common Name(s): Online image request form This species appears on the following legally prohibited plant lists Federal Noxious Weed List Florida Noxious Weed List Florida Prohibited Aquatic Plants List No No No UF/IFAS Assessment of Non-Native Plants in Florida’s Natural Areas Giant brake fern (Pteris tripartita) is a large fern native to tropical Asia. This […]

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Riccia fluitans

Common Name(s): Online image request form Riccia fluitans is a liverwort (phylum Marchantiophyta), one of three evolutionary lines of small, non-vascular “bryophyte” plants (those that lack water conducting cells, reproduce by alternating generations, and conduct photosynthesis in the haploid generation). The mosses (Bryophyta) and the hornworts (Anthocerotophyta) complete the three groups of bryophytes. Riccia fluitans […]

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Rhodomyrtus tomentosa

Common Name(s): Origin: Tropical Asia1 Online image request form This species appears on the following legally prohibited plant lists Federal Noxious Weed List Florida Noxious Weed List Florida Prohibited Aquatic Plants List No Yes No CATEGORY I on the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s (FLEPPC) 2015 List of Invasive Plant Species UF-IFAS Assessment of Non-Native […]

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