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Florida Invasive Plant Education Initiative

Florida Invasive Plant Education Initiative

Lakeville - A Natural Resource Management Activity

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Lakeville is a multi-disciplinary unit about ecosystems, natural resource management (i.e., invasive species), and civic responsibility. The activities can be presented in sequence for flow and reinforcement of subject matter or as stand-alone sessions. Each session is designed to encourage critical thinking while enhancing students’ environmental knowledge. Sessions 1 and 2 provide students with background information (if needed) and Session 3 brings it all together in a fun game-show style activity that gives students a chance to use their persuasive debate skills and make management decisions about a local freshwater habitat. The goal is to prepare students for their role as future citizens and environmental stewards.

  • Common Core Standards

    Science Big Ideas:

    • The Practice of Science
    • Science and Society
    • Earth Structures
    • Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms
    • Interdependence
    • Matter and Energy Transformations

    Reading/Language Arts Strands/Standards:

    • Vocabulary Development
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Literary Analysis – Non-Fiction
    • Communication – Listening and Speaking

    Social Studies Strands:

    • American History
    • Geography
    • Civics and Government

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