Hypericum cistifolium

Roundpod St. John's wort

Native to Florida

Several species are commonly known as St. John’s-Wort. In the genus Hypericum are the shrubby St. John’s-Worts. They grow in the open edges and sandy shores of ponds and lakes, in wet flatwoods. They are common throughout Florida, and they flower throughout spring and summer. 


These many-branched shrubs grow from 3 to 12 feet tall. The main stems are woody, with peeling bark. The leaves are opposite and usually needle-like. Leaves are one-half-inch to an inch long. St. John’s-Wort flowers are bright yellow to orange-yellow. They have 5 petals and are about an inch across. They have many pollen-tipped stamens. The shrubby St. John’s-Wort is many-branched. It has opposite, needle-like leaves. Its flowers are bright yellow and have 5 petals.