Rhynchospora inundata

Inundated beakrush

Native to Florida

Rhynchospora inundata is commonly found growing in bogs, marshes, wet flatwoods, cypres swamps and lake and pond margins nearly throughout Florida (Wunderlin, 2003). This colony-forming species is one of the largest of the beakrushes, and might easily be confused with Rhynchospora corniculata. Its seeds are eaten by ducks.


Inundated beakrush is a beakrush sedge. from rhizomes; stems to 4 ft. tall, triangular; leaf blades to 3/8 in. wide, distinctive basal cluster; inflorescence at stem tip, open, branched, loose clusters of spikelets at branch tips; bracts several, leaf-like; spikelets lance-shaped, brown to 1 in. long including “beak”; nutlet with evident beak and 5-6 bristles longer than fruit but shorter than beak.