Dichromena species

Common Name(s): Star-rush

Native to Florida

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Star-rush is an emersed plant, and is also known as “white-top sedge”. This conspicuous plant may be found growing in wet open areas, flatwoods, depressions and ditches. This Dichromena species is the only one of its kind in Florida, a variation of Rhynchospora colorata (Wunderlin, 2003).

Star-rush has extensive rhizomes and can cover a substantial area. It is the only sedgelike plant that has 3 to 10 white, pointed “leaves” at the top of the plant. The “leaves” are actually large bracts that surround the less-conspicuous inflorescence. The bracts are white at the base, becoming green at the tips. The inflorescence of star-rush is a head-like cluster of whitish spikelets. Its real leaves arise from the base of the plant.