Brent Sellers, Ph.D.
Professor and Center Director, Agronomy - Pasture and Rangeland Weed Management | Range Cattle Research and Education Center

Dr. Brent Sellers has a research and extension appointment where he focuses on pasture and rangeland weed management. He works to identify problematic weeds in pastures and rangeland and implement economically and environmentally sound control measures. He also examines weed biology and ecology related to pasture and rangeland management strategies. Dr. Sellers research also explores weed control in fence rows and pasture borders. He also explores invasive weeds and management strategies, which includes cultural, herbicidal and biological control methodologies. Dr. Sellers also studies the biology of invasive plant species.

Dr. Sellers extension programing focuses on educating cattle ranchers and ranchette owners on cost effective weed control strategies. He also evaluates economically relevant weed control programs, optimizing forage production. Another facet of his programing is identifying cost effective weed control programs for forage grasses such as bahiagrass, limpograss, bermudagrass and other commonly grown forages. Dr. Seller also identifies grazing and fertility management systems promoting forage growth and suppressing weed emergence and establishment.

863-735-1314, Ext. 207