Image Request

Please review the usage types and citation requirements below

Citation Requirements

In order to keep funding and thus the availability of these images, it is essential to credit any images used. Anytime an image from the Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants archive is used, IT MUST BE CITED. It is extremely important to give credit to the photographer and to the center. Please credit images using the following: (Photographer’s Name), UF/IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
We can only grant permission of copyrighted images from our own staff photographers/illustrators: Ann Murray, Amy Richard, Vic Ramey, Laura Line, Dale Johnson, Susan Trammell, Ana Ramey, Sandra Murphy-Pak, or Katrina Vitkus

Personal Usage

Personal use refers to using images where they will not be put on display for public education, advertising, amusement, or other purpose. Examples of this include a private collection of images for your screen saver, a print for decoration in your own house, or creating a decal for a t-shirt that you plan to wear.


Educational/Non-Commercial use is most often associated with non-profit organizations. To qualify, the end product must be distributed free of charge. Also, the product must be used to educate and may not be used to advertise a company, services, or products.Educational/Non-Commercial use also includes using images to accompany one-time articles in a daily/weekly periodical (newspaper/magazine) since the article is not used to increase circulation, but is used to better illustrate a subject while providing information to the public.

A commercial company may qualify for Educational/Non-Commercial usage when hired by a non-profit organization to produce educational materials that are distributed free of charge. An example of this is a publishing company being hired by a city to produce pamphlets on an exotic pest when they will be available to the public free of charge. If you are not 100% sure that the use is purely Educational/Non-Commercial, it is best to make a commercial request.

When used for an Educational/Non-Commercial purpose, all of the images may be used as long as the image is properly cited.

Commercial Usage

If you plan to use the images commercially, you must request permission. Commercial use includes any product that is not distributed free of charge. This includes products by non-profit organizations that are sold at cost or used to raise funds even if the product is meant to provide education. It also includes advertisements or materials used to market products or services.