S. Luke Flory, Ph.D.
Professor, Invasive Plant Ecology | Agronomy

Dr. S. Luke Flory is an Associate Professor of Ecology at the University of Florida (UF) Agronomy Department. His research focuses on the mechanisms and impacts of non-native plant invasions with an overarching goal of understanding the long-term consequences of interactions between invasive species and other potential global change drivers such as climate change, fire, and pathogens. The Flory Lab explores both basic and applied questions in diverse systems such as the highlands of Gal√°pagos, coffee agroecosystems in Costa Rica, eastern deciduous forests in the US, and pine forests and managed systems in the Southeast US, including Florida. Luke was named the 2020 UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Undergraduate Teacher of the Year, a 2019 UF Foundation Research Professor, and 2017 UF International Educator of the Year. He holds a M.Sc. in Applied Ecology and a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.